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Description: Nastya C is planning an evening of self-indulgent pleasure in her boudoir. Soft lighting, a sumptuous bed and a romantic novel what more could a girl desire? Dressed in just a satin slip that clings to her slender body, the pretty blonde soon finds her book is inspiring a different kind of indulgence. Her nipples are stiff as she lets her slip slide down so she can circle them with a spit-wet finger. The stimulating sensation spurs her on to explore her pussy, sliding her fingers up and down to spread open her petals and tease her clit. Breathing heavily, she bucks her hips, fingers flickering rapidly over her sweet spot, pushing her over the crest of her first orgasm. Nastya's evening of pleasure isn't finished yet, though. Opening her bottle of wine, she takes a sip before letting some of the cool liquid dribble over her hard nipples. Her peachy bottom receives the same treatment, the liquid making her delicious curves glisten, and then she lets the cold wine cascade over her hot, sticky pussy. This time she masturbates with greater urgency, using the cork from the bottle as a makeshift dildo to rub against her clit and slide into her soaked hole. Her second powerful orgasm leaves her shaken and satiated, her night of self-pleasure complete.
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