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Description: Still groggy with sleep, Fernando enters the bathroom to brush his teeth and shave. Ally Breelsen, asleep in the adjoining bedroom, stirs. As she emerges from her slumber she parts her legs and strokes herself through the fabric of her white panties, then she slips a hand inside and briefly masturbates in earnest. She moves to the foot of the bed and, when Fernando returns, he accepts her unspoken invitation and begins to kiss and lick her exposed pussy. After rewarding Fernando with a brief but tantalizing blowjob, Breelsen reclines on the bed where they share slow, romantic kisses. Fernando eventually removes Ally's panties, and she begins to moan softly with pleasure as he penetrates her with a single finger while tenderly kissing and licking her clitoris. Ritual unfolds at a relaxed, natural pace that builds slowly and steadily in its intensity when Fernando enters Breelsen and begins to slide his cock rhythmically in and out of her delicate pink slit. After easing through several different positions Ally pauses to stroke and suck Fernando some more, then she straddles him and her own arousal builds dramatically to a long, moaning peak of pleasure. Breelsen picks up the pace, bouncing and moaning to a final rush of sexual delight, and then vigorously rides Fernando until he spurts a wad of thick cum in and on her glowing box. Romantic and passionate, Ritual is a rewarding experience that can be enjoyed morning, noon, or night.
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