My Truth - Memories 2 - Assoli - TheLifeErotic

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Description: What erotic memories are stirred up, as Assoli watches herself on screen? Evidently they are powerful enough to inspire a surge of arousal, as she eases down the top of her sexy teddy and begins to stroke and squeeze her beautiful breasts. She parts her thighs and slides a hand down to caress her splayed-open pussy, one finger dipping delicately inside before she raises it to her mouth to taste her nectar. Now she penetrates herself more vigorously, adding fingers from her other hand until she is crammed full. She squats down to masturbate frenetically, images of herself still playing on screen as her hand moves rapidly. A crescendo of pleasure makes her pause to catch her breath, before she resumes her frantic frigging. Her slippery fingers slide in and out with ease, and she turns onto her side as she penetrates herself from the rear, her excitement reaching peak after peak as she rides out several mini-orgasms before the big one hits her. Even then, the haze of memory-inspired lust still seems to cling to her
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