Bottoms Up - Aislin - MetArtX

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Description: Blonde temptress Aislin is looking super sexy in black pantyhose and panties, as she slides her hands inside her nylons and gets down on her knees, thighs together, gorgeous booty up in the air. It's all about the tush in this steamy movie, that perfect, round, peachy derriere, and this hot Latvian has a perfect example. She's soon stripped down to her panties, pulling on each ass cheek, spreading them around her panty-crotch, until she ducks into the shower naked. The sharp editing snaps us back to her bed where she crawls across the sheets, now in a tight-fitting dress, tearing it off and lying on her back, squeezing her big, beautiful breasts in her bra. She undresses slowly, horny for her fingers, until she's perfectly naked. Her pussy is smooth shaved, her hole spread open, two fingers dipping in and out as she writhes to her own touch. It's on her knees that she finishes, face in the sheets, ass up high, finger banging herself to a hot, hard orgasm.
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